Case Studies

Resilience Sustainable Solutions

Below are a range of our case studies from different sectors within our business. Feel free to read through them and learn more about Resilience Sustainability.



Smart Cymru supports co-investment in business Research, Development and Innovation for sustainable growth.

We’ve helped clients conceptualise and scope projects, bought together project delivery teams and successfully applied for R&D feasibility funding from this programme.

Circular Economy
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We’ve developed projects with manufacturing, technical and academic partners to trial increasing recycled content and implement circular economy models in the manufacturing sector in Wales.  We aim to overcome barriers to material supply, quality and market perception to stimulate demand for recycled material.


We’re directly supporting several private sector clients assess their carbon impact through monitoring and measuring their carbon footprint centred around Green House Gas Protocol methodology.

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We’ve worked with Poly for several years to establish a Sustainability programme aligned to Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct and GRI standards.

In addition, we’ve help establish global carbon monitoring processes and procedures to support the mitigation of climate change impacts.  RSS has supported development of a Net Zero Carbon Strategy aligned with SBTi Corporate Standard and prepared a Corporate Climate Change CDP submission in 2022.

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We’ve supported Cardiff Capital Region develop a programme framework for delivery of the regional Metro and prepared a Common Assessment Framework to appraise the sustainability credentials of capital investment projects aligned to the values and vision of the City Deal Region.

More recently in 2022, we prepare a CDP ‘States and Regions’ climate change submission for CCR and are supporting their journey to join Race to Zero.

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We’ve implemented and audited Environmental Management Systems to ISO14001 and Green Dragon standards with several clients, taking a practical approach to ensuring they have a functioning and practical management system facilitating continual improvement.


climate change response
Climate Change Response

We’re working with the public sector to strategically respond to declared climate change emergencies; understanding and positioning policy to prepare visions and strategy that launches ambitious targets requiring bold leadership, bold governance and accelerated and ambitious delivery programmes to mitigate against and adapt to the impacts of climate change.